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From the foundation to the present! We keep you up to date.

Autumn 2021

Another autumn of work has come to an end! Once again, we put our effort into the intense activities of surveying around 50 ski areas in Italy and abroad. Among the various projects carried out, ranging from the smallest of 5 ha to the largest of 750 ha, the results were excellent.

Great satisfaction has also come from other important fields of applications such as geology and especially archaeology, where we have been able to contribute to important studies resulting in sensational discoveries.

The amount of work in this last year makes us grow more and more, in September an important support came from the inclusion of Martina in our staff. Thanks to her expertise and desire to put her degree in "Geodesy and Geoinformation" into practice she gives an added value to the team. Nicolas has also helped us with his six-month university internship.

JULY 2021

During the summer months we were able to work on various interesting projects. The projects ranged from small terrain surveys for project planning to large-scale aerial surveys of high-voltage power lines.

Furthermore, we did not stand still technically. We upgraded our Riegl miniVUX-2 to a Riegl miniVUX-3 in order to have two redundant measuring systems. We were also able to inaugurate an additional drone: the Soleon LasCO 2. Matching the new drone, a new scanner should not be missing. We decided on what is probably the most powerful laser scanner in its weight class: the Riegl VUX-120.


Spring 2021

After the many snowfalls in the winter months, we were mostly only able to carry out our activities in the valleys or in warmer areas. The highlight of this spring was certainly the survey of an archaeologically valuable hill in Tuscany. Due to the size of the project area, we carried out the survey with two teams, each with a drone and a scanner. As temperatures rose and the snow began to melt, we were able to carry out various surveys for ski resorts and in the area of rockfall and avalanche barriers.



Autumn 2020

Like every year, we were mainly on the road in ski resorts this year. Mother Hulda was very busy very early and sent snow down to the valley slopes. 

Thanks to two wonderful weeks in November the snow disappeared again and we were able to complete most of the planned projects successfully.

August 2020

This summer we employed trainee Martina and offered her a great opportunity to get a glimse of Alto Drones and activities. She supported us in various activities both in office and field work, nationally and internationally. Thanks for your commitment and support! We are looking forward to seeing you again in the future.

April 2020

Due to Covid-19 we allowed our UAVs 6 weeks flight-free and dedicated ourselves to the processing of a lot of office work and the planning of new projects and developments in our home office. 

Also our new employee Georg could already support us actively and is an enrichment for our team!

Since the end of April we have been on the road again a lot and use the favourable conditions between snow melting and the leaves sprouting to create precise 3D models in many places!

December 2019

The year is drawing to a close and, like most companies, we too can look back on a labour-intensive but successful year. With 76 completed projects and almost 6500 ha of surveyed area, we can proudly say that it was the most successful year since the company was founded.

July 2019

New employee - new scanner: since July 2019, we have been using our Riegl miniVUX-1DL for line measurement and other corridor mapping projects. A DJI Matrice 600 Pro easily carries this payload through the air for up to 20 minutes.

June 2019

The great demand for our services resulted in the hiring of our first employee: Florian enriches our daily work routine above all with his technical know-how, his curiosity and his social skills!

February 2019

Due to this year's snow conditions and avalanche activity, we were increasingly commissioned to measure snow quantities and avalanche cones. The data obtained are used on the one hand to assess the current avalanche danger and on the other hand to validate the simulations for danger zone planning.

November 2018

Der Herbst 2018 war geprägt von Vermessung von Skipisten und kompletten Skigebieten. Dank des neuen Laserscanners waren wesentlich produktiver als mit den bisher eingesetzten Methoden! Durch die sehr günstige Witterung konnten wir bis Mitte November fliegen und konnten daher alle Aufträge präzise,  termingerecht und zur vollsten Zufriedenheit aller Auftraggeber abschließen!

March 2018

We have had access to a UAV with LiDAR ( a “laser scanner drone”), one of the first of its kind to be in the hands of a private service provider in the wider Tyrolean region.

Winter 2017-2018

In our most successful year so far, we’ve completed 50 projects across the Alps. From small quarries of a few hectares, to entire ski resorts with many square kilometres to be flown, our portfolio is incredibly varied. All in all we have generated point clouds, terrain models and orthophotos totalling over 6,000 hectares for our clients. In addition to pure flyovers, we have also provided complete surveys in conjunction with partner companies.

These diverse experiences, featuring convincing results and a undisputed knack for difficult and large flyovers, have really helped spread the word about our company far beyond our region.

February 2016

We have completely devoted ourselves to the delivery of services to customers in technical areas. Beyond this, we also offer advice on purchasing and training in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The year 2015

Alto Drones GmbH established itself not only as a distributor of high quality professional aerial vehicles, but also a company which can support customers in all the related technical and legal matters, in large thanks to the experience and knowhow of the founders.

December 2014

The South Tyrolean company was officially designated as a provider of “unmanned remote-controlled flight systems” by the Italian aerial authorities. From then on, the company could fly its own operations using its two MULTIROTOR G4 Eagles, and in doing so become the region’s first provider to use a fleet of multiple certified vehicles.

Summer 2014

Alto Drones was founded by Alex Fabbro and Thomas Fontana. The company first imported MULTIROTOR G4 UAVs from German producer “service-drone.de” with an eye to their professional implementation in the arenas of surveying, industry and film.