UAV surveys can be used for many applications. Here is an overview of the most important ones:

Terrain Surveying

In recent years, our multicopters have been able to show their advantage mainly in terrain surveys: The speed, the good viewing angle from above and the unsurpassed detail of the surveys due to the low flight altitude have convinced our customers.

The main problem until 2018, as long as we only carried out photogrammetric flights, were forested areas and with a lot of vegetation. Here, our laser scanners, which have been in use since 2018, can score points with their active method and deliver a survey quickly, precisely and with all details, even in the densest forest.


Ski Resorts

Ski resorts present an ideal area of operations for UAVs; most of the surfaces are free of vegetation and therefore fantastic for UAV-surveying!

In addition to the comprehensive surveying of piste surfaces for project planning or implementing snow management systems like iCON Alpine, Snowsat or ARENA, a “drone survey” is also ideal for updating individual areas of the resort in order to then attach these changes to the existing resort-wide model.

Such terrain imaging is exceptionally suited to the planning of snow parks, ski lifts and reservoirs.



All too often, geologists find “hard” facts difficult to come by when making decisions: exact terrain models might not be available, some zones are difficult or dangerous to reach, and as a result it is impossible to develop a picture of the situation in the field.

Our camera or laser scanning equipped multirotors can help! In order to support the experience and knowledge of the geologist in the field, we can inspect cliff faces from a safe position, deliver terrain models for debris, landslide and avalanche simulations, and calculate volumes using a 3D model of the assumed surfaces of a fissure.



If the project area is too small for a flight with manned aircraft, but too large or too difficult for terrestrial surveying, this sounds like an ideal job for "Unmanned Scanning"!


Gauging Snow and Ice Levels

The RIEGL miniVUX used by us is perfectly suited for measuring snow and ice surfaces due to its wavelength. This means that calculations for volume changes can be made with two or more measurements at different times.


Archaeology and Building Research

If you go digging, you’ll find something - or at least that seems to be the case for building sites! In this arena, time is of the essence and a flying camera can be very helpful indeed. UAV-survey is also an excellent method of documenting all accessible and inaccessible patches of buildings, forts, castles and ruins.



UAVs can also be used in agriculture. Be it in forestry as well as in wine and fruit growing.