We offer geologists the following services to further complement their expertise:

  • Volume calculations for landslides or rockfalls, depending on the availability of a relatively accurate data model of the original situation.
  • Models of inaccessible rock faces.
  • Photos and videos of hazardous or impassable areas.
  • Creation of concentrated, highly accurate digital terrain models (between 5-200 ha.) suitable for generating rockfall simulations.



Due to a rockfall this rock face had to be secured and loose boulders had to be blown up. Based on the survey, the dangerous areas were defined, masses calculated and the amounts and positions of the explosives determined.

Rock Glacier

For the past 10 years, we have been involved in the observation (including the use of UAV imagery since 2016) of the Lazaun rock glacier. These imaging techniques allow for easy identification of the creeping motion of this permafrost phenomenon.

Rock Face

Our goal here was to photogrammetrically capture this slope. The fresh layer of thick vegetation made this nigh on impossible. As such, we focused on the barely traversable cliff face portion and successfully carried out an automated flight of the area by using an inclined camera, a process completely programmed by our 3D flight planning software.

Using this data, a 3D model of the zone could be calculated which could then be further used by geologist Dr Renato Zago (Bozen) as a basis for his own valutations and calculations.


Survey of a landslide during the study phase for delineating a new extraction site.