Infrastructure Survey

Mountain Roads

Difficult and dangerous to reach project areas , dense vegetation, torrential streams, steep slopes... Surveying the terrain beyond the roadside is a special challenge in the mountains. With the help of our UAV, you can reach scan positions that would be terrestrially impossible!


The utilisation of a copter-borne survey laser scanner to inspect power lines has become a popular practice. For relatively short stretches, or when faced with physical or time challenges, the application of a UAV-mounted laser scanner is of great value indeed!

Corridor Mapping

Difficult-to-reach positions along roads, unreachable utility lines, steep pressure pipelines or river sections… The most challenging and perilous tasks of surveying. We take care of it from a safe distance and send our copter into action!

Rooftop Areas

For both urban locations and the project planning of renovations and restorations, it is necessary to be familiar with the rooftop landscape. Some minutes of flight, a few ground control points and our own knowhow are all that’s needed to safely and precisely survey these otherwise complicated constructions.