Survey of snow and ice levels

The RIEGL miniVUX used by us is perfectly suited for measuring snow and ice surfaces due to its wavelength. This means that two or more measurements at different times can be used to calculate volume changes.

survey of avalanche slopes

A survey of avalanche slopes or avalanche cones can have several backgrounds. By surveying the snow surface and a terrain model without snow, the snow depths can be calculated. This makes it possible to judge whether or not avalanche blasting is necessary. Furthermore, such a survey can be used very well as damage documentation. Last but not least, the survey can be used for virtual simulations, on the one hand for the planning of new avalanche barriers and on the other hand for the calibration of the simulations.


survey of snowparks

Many ski resorts want to change their range of slopes, including the snow parks. In order to place these efficiently in the terrain, a survey is necessary.


Gauging Snow and Ice Levels

In order to be able to measure snow and ice surfaces in sufficient quantity and quality, a scanner with certain physical properties is required. The RIEGL miniVUX series has the optimal wavelength for this special type of survey and thus provides us with the best results.

Glacier Survey

In autumn 2018, we flew and surveyed almost 200 hectares of the Übeltalferner in the Ridnaun valley as a test. The overlay with the last freely available data from 2006 showed a sad result...