Technical applications of UAVs

Unmanned flights facilitate not only data collection for surveys, but also make a great deal of other processes all the faster, cheaper and more precise.


UAVs are seeing increasing use in agricultural areas. In addition to land surveys and the monitoring of plants using special sensors, there are a growing number of other specialised applications such as the delivery of seeds and pest control measures. [more]

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can reveal those things hidden to the human eye. Particularly in the case of photovoltaic cells, an infrared bird’s eye view is useful for judging the plant’s effectiveness. Ideally you should inspect the plant directly following its first commission in order to rule out mistakes, defective modules or faulty connections.


While a copter can naturally only pull a few kilogrammes, it is still incredibly agile and can be precisely maneuvered. As such, it is perfectly suited to pull things like auxiliary cables during the erecting of anti-hail nets over existing property.

Should the cable catch on something, an automatic release mechanism is used to protect the copter.

Civil Protection

Our comprehensive experience in the area of flight planning and performance over rugged terrain is here to help rescue organisations. In conjunction with rescue specialists, we can develop procedures for identifying hotspots after forest fires, searching for missing persons and illuminating zones of operation.

Such applications are made possible by the experienced copter makers at Soleon!