UAVs are seeing increasing use in agricultural areas. In addition to land surveys and the monitoring of plants using special sensors, there are a growing number of other specialised applications such as the delivery of seeds and pest control measures.

Organic Pest Control

The fight against pests through use of other, beneficial creatures is as old as humanity; one must only think to the practice of keeping cats to control mice population. With the aid of special droppers, low-flying UAVs can deploy beneficial organisms without having to set foot in the field, so as to avoid soil stress, and within a short time frame.

So far, the most established example of such measures would be the delivery of balls carrying trichogramma wasps to combat corn borers. In this way, many thousands of hectares of Italian agricultural land can be organically preserved, without the need of any chemical inputs.

Locating Fawns

Every year, too many fawns die after being caught by mowers and harvesters. Infrared cameras, autonomous flights over fields, and a little bit of experience allow us to not only clear the grass of obstructions but also to save our furry friends!

Creation of NDVI Maps

Similar to infrared cameras, multispectral cameras can register the status of plants, even if there is nothing visible to the naked eye. The combination of different spectral channels allows for the calculation of indicators that can be used by a landowner, biologist or forester to more closely inspect the plants for deficiencies or diseases. Such mapping can also guide the navigation of modern machines, as well as targeted seeding and spraying.