Surveying - Unmanned Laserscanning

We are one of the first European companies to invest in this tried and tested (yet until recently too heavy) technology for UAVs and we can now provide so-called “unmanned scanning” services. Use is made of a miniature sensor by the leading producer in the airborne laser scanning field and thus a high level of quality is guaranteed!

Terrain Surveying

During terrain surveys over the last few years, our multicopter has shown its true strengths: speed, good overhead perspective and an unbeatable surveying accuracy due to its reduced altitude.

For a long time, our greatest challenge was posed by densely vegetated areas. Now, using our latest technology’s active procedure, we can measure points and therefore carry out surveys in a fast, precise and comprehensive manner even with heavy vegetation! [more]

Gauging Snow and Ice Levels

Our Riegl miniVUX-1 is perfectly designed to measure both snowy and icy surfaces.

Methods & Equipment

In contrast to photogrammetry, laser scanning is an active procedure: laser beams are continually projected to record the surroundings. The distance and direction of the points, combined with the precise position and location of the device, allow for the creation of a scan of the vicinity. [more]