Methods & Equipment

Easter 2018 saw the delivery of the world’s first miniVUX-1 with APX-20. This proud piece of engineering exceeded all our expectations with its range and accuracy! Similarly impressive was the custom-made copter built for this sensor: the “Soleon LasCO x8flat”, which provides a scan radius of up to 270° permitting it to capture bridges, building fronts and cliff faces while flying past.

Soleon LasCO x8flat

This large octocopter from South Tyrolean multicopter makers Soleon was custom designed, printed, milled and built according to our requirements for payload, mountain-focus and flight planning. Coming in at 15kg take-off weight, it can carry 3.5kg of load through the air for over 20 minutes.

Riegl miniVUX-1

The first miniVUX system with Applanix APX-20-IMU to be delivered worldwide is a proud part of our fleet! The smallest and lightest waveform LiDAR system in the world (from Austrian laser scan specialists Riegl) can record up to 5 points per pulse, which permits more than simply a first-pulse-last-pulse analysis! The interplay between scanner and IMU allows for an improvement in trajectory due to feedback from the scans, which in turn produces recognisably better results than from other flying scanner systems.