Terrain Surveying


The implementation of high quality inertial systems and the subsequent trajectory optimisation (with the aid of RiPrecision) enables us to cut out a very intensive stage of the process.

Quick Results

In under an hour we can create classified point clouds of areas of up to 20 hectares, with position and height accurate to the centimetre.

Heavy Vegetation

The use of active sensors allows us to generate accurate and rigorous point clouds, (almost) regardless of vegetation, season and lighting conditions.

River Basin Surveys

More often than not, overgrown riverbanks represent a real nightmare for surveyors. Alongside factors like incline and plant cover, accessibility is often an issue. Our system, featuring a copter and laser scanner, can help survey such areas quickly, precisely and without the need to start uprooting the local flora! These surveys can then form the basis of other plans or hydraulic models.


The utilisation of a copter-borne survey laser scanner to inspect power lines has become a popular practice. For short stretches, or when faced with physical or time challenges, the application of a UAV-mounted laser scanner is of great value indeed!