Surveying with drones can actually be approached with two methods: passively with photogrammetry or actively with laser scanners. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and are used by us specifically depending on the project requirements.

Based on our extensive practical experience in over 450 projects, we are the perfect partner for your project!


We are currently carrying out the majority of our projects with this active measurement method. The best-known advantage of this method is that vegetation can be penetrated with the measuring beams and thus a terrain model can be measured even under dense vegetation. In addition, the small number of necessary control points with the same accuracy and the detection of uniform surfaces such as snow, ice or asphalt surfaces make this method our current preferred method!



Photogrammetry has made UAV surveying very popular! By taking photos from above, which are often only made possible by drones at low cost, a point cloud and thus a 3D model can be calculated with special software. This is also the basis for orthomosaics!