Ski Resorts

Surveying Ski Resorts

Since 2015 we have gathered a great deal of experience in the surveying of ski slopes and project areas for a variety of related construction plans. We have already synchronised our work with all the relevant ski management systems, are aware of their various requirements, and thus can guarantee a smooth transfer of our data into such systems!

Our new sensor has opened a whole host of new possibilities for planning new infrastructure and pistes below the treeline (for more information, see our “Laser Scanning” section.


In autumn 2015, the “Bewegungsberg Golm” in Austria became our first client interested in this variety of surveying. Our goal was to generate a database for ARENA PistenManagement. This represented a real baptism of fire for our flight planning software and in fact would become an experience from which we could learn and continue to further optimise our processes.

Impianti Colfosco

We carried out a flyover above the ski slopes on the eastern side of the Gardena Pass (towards Kolfuschg and Edelweisstal) in autumn 2016. These data permitted the creation of a reference terrain model for the SnowSAT snow management system, which keeps snowcats informed about how much snow is actually under their tracks at all times.


In autumn 2016, in conjunction with Studio Sacchin from Meran, we surveyed the entire ski resort and prepared the necessary SnowSAT data.

St.Vigil - Kronplatz

The sunny side of Kronplatz was a pleasant setting for our autumn 2016 photogrammetric survey whose data could be integrated into the existing digital terrain model in the SnowSAT snow management system.

What’s more, the following year we completed a contract for Topotec to survey the snow park of the Kronplatz ski lift company to be used as a basis for the Leica iCON alpine snow management system.


We carried out a flight over this northwestern portion of the world famous Sellaronda in May 2017 and, with the aid of Geom. Michael Senoner, we collected data for their SnowSAT snow management system.


In September 2017, we surveyed this breathtaking mountain location to provide a database for the Pistenbully SnowSAT snow management system. The data of some 49 UAV sorties brought in 300 hectares of photogrammetrically processed terrain! Geom. Eugenio Leccacorvi assisted us greatly, particularly in overcoming the challenge of marking and surveying the planned waypoints in the thickest of fogs!


In 2017, we were contracted to create a SnowSAT database and, over the course of two glorious autumn days, it was possible (together with Ingenieurbüro Dr. Ing. Erwin Gasser) to survey this reliably snowy resort.