Our mission

Certified UAV services

We offer professional services in the fields of surveying and technical inspections throughout South Tyrol, Austria, Italy, Germany and Denmark. Furthermore, we possess the official permissions of Italian, Austrian, German and Danish authorities (ENAC, Austrocontrol, LBA and "Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen" respectively).

In addition to UAV flights, we are also set-up to deliver the entire suite of associated services, from the initial needs analysis and the terrestrial surveying itself, right up to the full processing of results.

UAV purchasing advice and training

Given our ample experience, we’re glad to help newcomers to the sector on matters of acquiring the necessary permissions, investing in (airborne) hardware and choosing the necessary software.

What’s more, we provide needs-based training courses which will allow you to fulfill your goals with this technology in a both safe and precise manner.

Surveying - Photogrammetry

Hand in hand with substantial improvements in digital photography, processing software and affordable computer performance, as well the development of unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft, it is now finally possible to provide flights over small areas, using terrestrial photogrammetry, in a fast, precise and affordable manner!  [more]

Surveying - Laser Scanning

We fly the world’s first miniVUX-1 by Riegl featuring a Applanix APX-20! Now it is finally possible to capture heavily forested areas AND generate a precise terrain model of the area. Thanks to miniaturisation, even a relatively small drone can transport an effective laser scanner.  [more]

Drones in Action

In addition to our core “drone surveying” activities, we also provide a whole suite of tailor-made services for technical fields, from classic visual and infrared inspections to other applications in agriculture and civil protection. [more]